Community Center

At A1 Electronic Recycling Community Center our mission is to promote awareness and participation in recycling in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

We seek to foster awareness and understanding of the reasons for and benefits of recycling for our local and broader community, the environment, and the ultimate well-being of our planet.

It is our vision and goal to increase the number of households and inner-city youth involved in recycling as well as the level of involvement, to promote participation by institutions, and to create opportunities for visitors and residents alike to recycle where they shop, dine, re-create and gather for events in our community.

Such an effect necessitates dynamic dialogue and cooperative work with various sectors of our community both public and private. It also entails interacting with County regional and state offices and sources.

Our means to accomplishing our mission include:

*Providing information and educational opportunities

*Engaging in outreach, networking, and cooperative and collaborative activities to promote recycling

*Facilitating dialogue and serving as liaison between sectors of the community public and private about recycling, quality-of-life, and practical issues involved in providing recycling opportunities publicly acknowledging efforts and achievements in local recycling

In the near future we hope to expand our services by providing youth job training and placement along with the distribution of nonperishable food and clothing to families in need.

Distribute computers to school age children in the hopes of furthering education.

Volunteer duties will include but are not limited to sorting, cutting and collecting electronic goods.

Customer service and overall cleanup of facility.